We build custom databases for running and growing small businesses.

Case Study Headlines -- Examples of How a Database Can Revolutionize an Organization

A thermoelectric power supply company breaks past the "email shuffle" and the fear of never knowing if the most up-to-date specs document is being used.

A 23-year-old custom-embroidered shirt company migrates off an antiquated legacy system and awakes to a new world full of rapid growth and possibility, getting rid of 30,000 file folders in the process!

A medical equipment repair company moves from two systems that don't "talk" to one coherent system with "everything under one hood."

Overwhelmed by storms resulting in many temps flailing through countless file folders, an independent insurance adjuster firm gets a system that takes them paperless and allows them to smoothly scale.

A graphics arts / web development firm tracks clients, projects, and proofs all in one place, and tracks employee time and client billing there as well.

A complex cattle registration system gets built and a database developer becomes an expert in cattle breeding and genetic tracking

After seeing many organizations radically changed by its work, a database development company finally builds itself a comprehensive database and surprises itself on how efficiency and task management are improved!


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