We build custom databases for running and growing small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following will hopefully answer any questions you have, but if not, please contact us.

Q. I already have a database but it doesn't meet my needs. Can you migrate my data to a new Quintify database?

Yes! Most businesses that have been around for a while already have data in legacy systems, databases, and/or spreadsheets, and we've done data migration for many of our clients. (Sometime ask us about the massive AS400 system migration we did! If we can do that, we can do what you need to be done.)

Specifically, we have no trouble at all migrating data from MS Access and other common databases, MS Excel and other spreadsheets (and any data that can be exported into spreadsheet format), SugarCRM, Quickbooks, ACT, and other systems. We can migrate your data.

Q. Can I import my Excel spreadsheets into a Quintify database?

Yes, with absolutely no problems. (See question above!)

Q. Can you scrape info from a third-party website into my database?

Yes, we've created "website screen scrapers" for several clients that grab information from one website and feed it into theirs, including having various events trigger in their website based on info that is scraped. (E.g. "generate an invoice whenever a certain condition is met on the third party site.)

We can even do this for websites that require a username/password.

Q. What geographical area do you serve?

We are based in Wilmington, NC, but also have clients in California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and other states. As needed we're happy to travel to you, but much can be done over web meetings, email, and the phone.

Q. How much do your services cost?

The fees our clients pay us range from $50/month to over $50K/year.

We'd love to sit down with you and discuss your company's particular needs, and with that info we can better answer this question.

We've built a technology platform that gives us a phenominal competitive advantage, and we aim to provide instant, overwhelming ROI. Let us show you what that means!


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